Welcome to MillionDollarCryptoSite!

Welcome to my site.

As you notice, this is another “Million Dollar Homepage” site, and yes, it is. But I know that people can help me with this site as an exchange of publishing the best cryptocurrencies in the market, and help be build my dreams.

Here is a quick summary of why I create this site:

I live in the third most dangerous city in the world, and in the country with highest inflation in history, Venezuela. With electricity cuts all days of the week and with the worst internet connection in Latin America, it’s really difficult to work at any kind of idea or project. But I live wanting to make my dreams come true.

As a computer engineer I build websites and apps trying to promote my skills, also having a computer store where I repair all kind of software/hardware problems.

After thinking about what I can do for survive in my country, I develop some great ideas where I want to publish over KickStarter and IndieGogo and see if they come into reality, but for that I need money, and hopefully you can help me with that.

Costs of lawyers, designers and materials are extremely expensive over here, as our minimum wage is less than $2 per month (and is going lower), and all of the materials need to be imported from other countries.

Also, part of this money is to help my community and family. My father suffer kidney diseases and dialysis is an option, but really expensive option. Also, teachers and nearly friends are having many difficult problems and helping them with food and some work without nothing in return makes me happy, because they already give me a lot in their life.

Thanks for your help. I will be posting over here all the advances I will be making.

Thank you for your support!

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