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In my first post I explain a little bit about where I live and the problems Im facing, but in this post of a local newspaper, in April 2015, they explain a little bit more who I am and my projects I already developed.

Press Release from El Impulso, April 2015:

Link: https://www.elimpulso.com/2015/04/12/revista-gala-raul-morello-la-habilidad-hecha-hombre/


Raúl Morello: The skill made man

To say that it is an intelligent boy would be little, because in reality, Raúl Morello is a worthy example to follow for all those young people who dream of becoming the new revelation of technology, the personified confirmation that a good dose of common sense, much dedication and hours of insomnia, are more than enough to achieve each and every one of the proposed goals, those that once materialized, will give smartphone lovers lots of entertainment and information
For a long time, technology, with each of its edges, has been gaining more and more ground in world youth. In fact, their tentacles are so long and powerful that they have reached a considerable percentage of people of more advanced ages who perhaps never thought they could sit in front of a computer to watch their favorite series, much less that, through the Small screen of a mobile phone, you could spend unforgettable and fun times. However, this is not a secret for anyone, so our article today is not about technology itself, but rather one of its greatest exponents nationwide, a capable, intelligent and super-prepared chamo who, Despite his young age and the few opportunities we sadly find today in our country, he has managed to climb levels until he reaches one of the technology freaks, becoming master and lord of smartphones and that person who achieves dominate them as if they were an extension of himself.
This is Raúl Morello, a barquisimetano who prides his land every time Apple, the empire of the bitten apple, opens its doors to receive those applications for smartphones with a guarded seal and export quality that shine with their own light in their curriculum , turning a simple hobby into the office of your dreams, getting the most out of those hours of inventions, research and insomnia that today bear fruit and position it on the podium of the winners, an honorary member of that litter of chamos That seem to have super powers.

A little further back
But since we know who Raul is today, it is fair and necessary to go back a little in time to understand how it was that this chamo, recently graduated in Computer Engineering, became one of the brightest minds in the country, technologically speaking . It turns out that it all started just being a teenager, when a sprain took hold of him preventing him from doing his routine activities and keeping him bored at home.
For him a whole month of leisure was too much, until one night, in the middle of the sleeplessness and annoyance, he grabbed a box that served as a bin and the glass of a picture frame of his mother, two homemade objects that when conjugated by his creativity infinite, they gave life to their first creation: A kind of multi-touch table that reflected on the computer screen the touches and movements that were made on the glass.
From that moment and motivated by the emotion that that discovery produced, he decided to give free rein to his imagination, developing his ingenuity more and more until he created his first smartphone application, which gave way to others more than the sun Today they adorn his resume and make him one of the few Venezuelans who have such skills, potential that fills us with pride and allows him to be part of the very select group of application developers recognized by Apple.

Ideas turned into applications
– Chavez Tunes: The best parts of President Chavez’s speeches, the phrases that made him famous and his irreverent occurrences.
– Mobile version of the Presidential Island of Chigüire Bipolar.
– iPep: Famous sounds, words and phrases of the famous former Technical Director of Barcelona.
– iMourinho: Fun game in which the renowned former Technical Director of Real Madrid ascends steps to collect cups and eliminate his rivals.
– Monster Jump: An entertaining and addicting game in the same style as iMourinho.
– EPV2012: An interesting and useful regressive counter that day by day reminded us how much was missing for the long-awaited “Venezuela 2012 – Presidential Elections”.
– Diplomatico Multitouch Table: An innovative and fascinating multitouch table created especially for Dusa, one of the most prestigious liquor houses in the country.
– SOS Venezuela: An application whose main objective was to keep the community correctly informed about the daily occurrence as far as manifestations and events are concerned, confirming, unifying and organizing the news.

“I am 100% night owl. In the evenings, I get much more creative and take advantage of my insomnia hours to create interesting things, like the different iPhone applications I’ve done. ”
“What I like most about being an application developer is that through them I can reach the entire world and enter the life of countless people without any barriers”
“I decided to dedicate myself to the world of technology and smartphones from a very young age, when I discovered that what I liked most was to create and innovate”

Portfolio of Apps #1
Portfolio of Apps #2
Diplomatico Multitouch Table

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