Ideas – Solar Weed Eater

As I said in my first post, with your help, we can make my ideas and dreams come true.

This ideas are going to be posted on KickStarter and Indiegogo so also you are going to receive the product Im going to develop, after funding it.

This first idea is a product of a brand I want to develop for gardening, and it’s a Solar Weed Eater.

My main idea is to develop a weed eater but with a solar panel that recharge a battery that will provide unlimited work to the person who is cutting grass with good sunlight. 

Will be cordless and the weed eater will have a station to charge it like those vacuum robots that already exists. Included with a gyroscope that if the eaters is in a dangerous position it stops or turn off. Ergonomic design with not “professional” heavy parts because is thinking for home usage and people that just want to do gardening at home.

People will love to buy this product because of safety, innovation, no gas, oil or mechanic parts, freedom, no contamination and use renewable energy.

More exclusive features also will be included (as an app to know weather or when was last time you cut the grass + more features).

Hope you like the idea.

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