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So I have this incredible idea that I want to develop and also want to make an incredible marketing strategy taking advantage of the meaning of the idea, and want to know if you have a team to help us with this or be part of the company with a percent working with the marketing campaign. 

I want to create a great design box that inside will be filled with all kind of products that the client doesn’t know (mystery box).  

With the develop of an app, we can get info from the user such as what are they interests, gender, if the person likes sports, camping, beach, have pets, all of that info that can be useful to create that mystery box and the client can be satisfy.   

The boxes will be develop in 3 sizes and also will be a subscription membership that every month a box will be delivered. I want the box with an extraordinary design and maybe later that box can be used to other things (promoting recycling), it will include a manual and extra materials to make different things recycle things with the box . In the website there will be some manuals to DIY things with our cardboard box. All of this and more ideas we have and we can reach with your team.  

Talking about the marketing, I want to use the questing mark (?) as the main logo of people don’t know what is going on, creates that “mystery” idea and inside they can have all great products that they want based on they interests. Also, I want to keep in touch we exclusives brands that can gave us exclusive products that can be delivered in does boxes.

I know this idea is unique. 

With this idea I know that people will love to receive the product with the expectation of know what is inside. 

I will do also special boxes such as christmas box or birthday boxes that people will receive surprises no matter if nobody remember those else remember does special days. 

Hope you like the idea.   

Best regards.   

Link of the project:

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