Video Shooting Budget

Hi! We are back, and with really good news!

We have build a really good team, with good ideas and already have been working in our prototype for one of the products we are planning to post at Kickstarter and Indiegogo (The one that is patentable, do you remember it?).

As we contract the services of a marketing consultant, we need to develop a great video comercial to promote our idea, but this option is really expensive if we try to do it as good as we want.

Script, equipments, pre-production, models, video shooting, post-production, all of this and more will need to be done and hopefully it can be done with your help.

We have really good advances but still a little more help to fund this idea as we want, as a top product!

The only thing we request is to post the most incredible cryptocurrencies that are in the market now in our grid.

All payments can be done with crypto and we will work to promote this site as goof as we have been doing it.

Thanks always for your support.

MDCS Team.

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