>> Why this site exists? Know my story <<


What is the concept?

The concept is to promote cryptocurrencies and its related technology and startups and make some money to make my dream come true.

Why should I buy your pixels?

The primary objective is to advertise the most popular cryptocurrencies in exchange of pixels in our grid. That money that we raise will be used to develop stunning ideas, help our community and to promote this site in other forums/websites.

Who are you?

My name is Raul. I live and work in Venezuela and I am trying to fulfill my goals and dreams. This site is will be used as my wall to share with you all my ideas and goals that will be come true because of your help.

What will you do with the money?

After thinking about what I can do for survive in my country, I develop some great ideas where I want to publish over KickStarter and IndieGogo and see if they come into reality, but for that I need money, and hopefully you can help me with that. Costs of lawyers, designers and materials are extremely expensive over here, as our minimum wage is less than $2 per month (and is going lower), and all of the materials need to be imported from other countries.Also, part of this money is to help my community. Teachers and nearly friends are having many difficult problems and helping them with food and some work without nothing in return makes me happy, because they already give me a lot in their life.

How long will the site be online?

The site will be online as long as this dream come true (forever).